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Four Great Resources on the NT Gospels

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

In my sermon on Sunday I mentioned how the New Testament is much like a courtroom drama presenting evidence for the claim that Jesus was the Son of God. Specifically the first four books of the New Testament that we often refer to as "Gospels" - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - have always faced the question of historical accuracy. Are these reliable accounts of eyewitness testimony?

Below are some of the best and most interesting resources I have run into providing

support for the reliability of the gospels as eyewitness accounts.

This is an excellent book by the head of Tyndale House publishers, who also happens to be a brilliant New Testament scholar. But don't worry, this is not heavy academic level reading. It is short and written for the average church member. This is probably the resource I would turn to first.

Also by Peter Williams. An absolutely fascinating presentation of some of the evidence revealing the gospels were actually written by people who were there, who were with Jesus. Plus he's got a great accent!

The subtitle for this book is A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels. It's every bit as good as the title suggests. An easy and engaging read that will bolster your confidence in the New Testament.

For many years now this has been the go-to text for those wishing to study this topic. However, this one is a bit more academic with some heavy language so if that's not your cup of tea I would go for the resources above.


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