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Top 10 Books of 2022

I absolutely love to read, and these are the top 10 books I read in this past year. Not all of these came out in 2022, although many of them did. As always, if you only have time to read one book, make it the Bible. How foolish it would be for someone pursuing godliness and seeking to follow Jesus if they read all kinds of books about the faith but rarely read the words that come straight from God Himself. I tried to give these an order, so the first book is really my #1, and so on.

Seasons of Sorrow – Tim Challies

This is absolutely my #1 book of the year, and perhaps of the last few years. The author's son passed away tragically and unexpectedly in 2020 at the age of 20 years old. This book contains Tim's writings over the course of the next calendar year, organized chronologically. It is essentially walking with him through the seasons of grief. His focus on the faithfulness and the nature of God is what makes this book so good. Here's my full review for Reading For the Glory: Trusting the Lord in Seasons of Sorrow

Blessed – Nancy Guthrie

This is the best resource on the book of Revelation for the everyday church member that I have ever come across. Every believer would benefit from reading through this book. You don't have to be scared of Revelation. In fact, there is great blessing waiting for those who read and apply what it says (Rev. 1:3). Here's my full review for Reading For the Glory: Experiencing the Promise of the Book of Revelation

Jesus Through the Eyes of Women – Rebecca McLaughlin

When I was growing up, the default book for a ladies study was Liz Curtis Higgs's Bad Girls of the Bible. I hope this one becomes the default ladies study book for my generation. It's excellent, and not just for women! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Rebecca McLaughlin is a top-notch Bible scholar. Here's my full review for Reading For the Glory: Women Were Key Witnesses to Jesus' Ministry

12 Things God Can't Do – Nick Tucker

This is one of the best attributes of God type books I've ever read, and the unique angle helps it not to get lost in a sea of those kinds of books. If you want to know God more, you will benefit from this book. Here's my full review for Reading For the Glory: There's Nothing My God Cannot Do... Or is there?

The Air We Breathe – Glen Scrivener

This book is all about how the entire world has been so influenced by Christianity, we don't even realize it. It's like a fish that doesn't know what water is. It is essentially the air we breathe yet we don’t think about it consciously. Plus, Glen Scrivener is just an excellent writer. It's a joy to read his sentences and paragraphs.

Working the Angles – Eugene Peterson

Peterson is always good, but he is especially good when he's writing to pastors about what pastoral ministry should be and what it should not be. I was highlighting furiously while reading this one.

Where the Light Fell – Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey has been putting out quality books for years. His book on grace and his book on prayer are some of the best on the subject I've ever read. He's an excellent writer and thinker. This is his personal memoir and I found his life story to be compelling and a joy to read.

Pentecost Today? – Iain Murray

Iain Murray is a serious historian. This book is all about revival. Can we expect a Pentecost-type revival today? Murray describes some of the more well-known revivals in recent decades and centuries and pulls all kinds of wonderful lessons for us to take away. This book will stir your heart to desire and pray for another movement of God.

Everything Sad is Untrue – Daniel Nayeri

This is another memoir and another joy to read. Daniel Nayeri grew up in Iran, spent a couple years as a refugee, then immigrated to Oklahoma with his family at a very young age. This book is full of his memories (both happy and heart-breaking) from that experience. His writing style is beautiful.

Theology That Sticks – Chris Anderson

This is a book all about the importance of churches singing excellent hymns. This is so important because music sticks in our memory in a way sermons do not, and therefore it is essential we choose songs that have good theology. Here's my full review for Reading For the Glory: The Life-Changing Power of Hymns


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